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faculty of science and technology,

thammasat University

In the area of human resource development, DIDTC has developed programs at the university level to create professions who have the necessary expertise and a love for the industry. DIDTC has collaborated with Thammasat University and Digipen Institute of Technology to develop undergraduate and graduate programs. True to the vision creating networking opportunities further collaboration has been developed with the Tokyo University of Technology in Japan and Rubika (SupinfoCom and SupinfoGame) in France.


digital design


Innovative Digital Design Program (IDD) specializes in producing professionals in the field of animation, visual effects (VFX), and game design. The curriculum uses project-based learning so that students learn the entire pipeline as well as working as a team. The instructors are invited from the experts in the industry. In 2018 – 2020 the Incubation Project would be initiated to select talent and support them in the content development to feed into the industry.

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